The bodies of Shirlene Ferreira da Silva, 38, and Rebeca da Silva 14 mother and daughter respectively were found this Monday (20), in a forest region in Sol Brazil. Federal District. The two had been last seen nearly two weeks ago when they went out to dive in a nearby stream.

According to the deputy chief delegate of the 23rd Police Station mother and daughter were found covered by leaves, which indicates the possibility that they were murdered.

“The two were in an area about 500 meters from the waterfall, which indicates and leads us to believe that it could be a case of homicide. It’s not drowning. They were covered with leaves. Also indicative of the fact that the criminals wanted to hide the crime they committed”, explained Braga.

“Now, we are going to depend a lot on the report of the IML (Institute of Forensic Medicine) and on the expertise to work with the line of investigation of crimes committed there”, completed the delegate.

According to Braga, the police arrived at the forest where Shirlene and Tauane were found thanks to the testimony of a witness, last Saturday (18), who saw mother and daughter walking towards the stream on the day they disappeared.

“It was the first time that we were able to identify an eyewitness and gather information that would guide us towards really looking there in this region. We asked for the support of the Fire Department and our ground team also carried out searches. Our ground crew was successful in locating the bodies of the two, unfortunately. At least the family knows what happened now”, said the delegate.

Shirlene, who was 4 months pregnant, and her daughter left the farm where they live, in Sol Nascente, for a dip in a nearby stream, on the afternoon of November 9, and never returned. So the husband called the rescue, and the search began.

Since then, firefighters have carried out land sweeps, along the edge of the water body, with the help of sniffer dogs and drones. Divers also looked for them in the water.

During the searches, the Civil Police even worked with the hypothesis that the mother and daughter had fled to the Northeast. That’s because, in testimony, a relative of the two stated that the cousin wanted to leave the Federal District.

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