Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that with the changes it has proposed to the 2022 Income Law, it seeks to liquidate most of the CSOs or NGOs by limiting the deduction of donations they receive in payment of income tax, putting a cap of up to 7 % of cumulative income that a taxpayer has had during the previous fiscal year.

With this, between eight and 10,000 NGOs could stop receiving 8,000 million pesos in donations next year, which would mean the end of most of them.

The president insists that the government exists to provide all the services that today are provided by those organizations that are corrupt to him, but ignores the fact that the government lacks the economic, material and human resources to provide them. He also wants to convince us that there are no longer corrupt officials within federal agencies, which is not true.

Today, of each peso that NGOs receive, 29.6 cents are allocated to support children and adolescents, 8.2 to the elderly, 7.8 to families, 7.8 to young people, 5.8 to women, 5.8 to indigenous people and peasants, and 4.6 to the disabled. among other recipients. When they stop receiving 8,000 million pesos, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans will stop benefiting and will have to wait for a government that has proven to be very inefficient to help them.

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