He never accepted them and it was a matter of time before he finished with them. Now, making changes to the tax laws will accomplish its purpose of eliminating most of them.

I am referring to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), also known as civil society organizations (CSOs), which have never been welcomed by President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

As a presidential candidate, in March 2018 he said: “I have a lot of distrust of everything they call civil society or independent initiatives. The problem is that they have simulated too much with the civil society, it is like the independent candidacies that are independent of the people, not of the power mafia ”.

On February 14, 2019, already as President of the Republic, through his “Circular One” he ordered all the officials of his government to “end the intermediation that has originated discretion, opacity and corruption” and that from As of that date, they will stop transferring public resources to social organizations, peasants, unions and civil society organizations because “all support for the welfare of the people will be delivered directly to the beneficiaries.”

Days before, to justify the reduction of 50% to the budget of the program of Childcare Centers to Support Working Mothers, he warned that “All children will be protected from childcare facilities; Direct support will be given to parents, not to children’s homes, but direct to girls and boys. We are no longer going to give resources to organizations or foundations, that’s what the government is for, this must be very clear. ”

In May 2019, he justified that 6.2 billion pesos had not been delivered to social organizations, because, according to him, acts of corruption were detected that he never bothered to demonstrate or report to the judicial authorities.

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