The Cádiz City Council will hold this Monday, at 9.30 a.m., an extraordinary plenary session, electronically, for the approval of the modification of credit 2/2021 in the budget extended from 2020 to 2021 of almost three million euros, as well as for Address the request proposal to the Ministry of Finance for the inclusion of relevant investments charged to the Economic Impulse compartment of the local corporation financing fund.

In addition, as the City Council points out in a statement, the third and last item on the agenda includes the accounting of the settlement of the 2020 budget.

The government team will raise the proposal for adhesion to the Economic Impulse Fund, a measure of financial support from the Government that can only be accessed by municipalities that prove a certain level of solvency, “as is the case of the Cádiz City Council right now” . With this, it is intended to include in this plan numerous works that the city needs and that cannot be developed so far due to lack of financing, as indicated.

He mentions works, for example, for the consolidation of the structure of the municipal Market Market (400,000 euros), beach furniture (300,000 euros), interventions in the Celestino Mutis, San Rafael, Josefina Pascual schools and in the Ceper Viento de Levante (400,000 euros), the reform of the Integral Center for Women (1.5 million), the improvement of the urban public space in the Memory Park (2.4 million), the improvement of the urban public space of the Wall, Baluarte of Santiago and Baluarte de Santa Elena (1.8 million), the installation of photovoltaic panels in the Central Market (155,000 euros), and the improvement of transport infrastructure (8.5 million), among many other planned actions.

It highlights that the projects that are presented to the Economic Impulse Fund with the aim of obtaining a loan with which to materialize them are financially sustainable investments, and said actions have been selected as they are those allowed by the Ministry of Finance, which does not authorize, for For example, investments in housing or in the construction of sports facilities.

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