The Law Experts Artificial Intelligence consider it urgent that the European Union must adopt a code of ethics to regulate articulated responsibilities for damage caused by these systems.

Adrián Vázquez Lázara , liberal MEP of the Renew Europe Group and president of the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, pointed out, in his speech at the VI Congress of Registrars, that it is necessary to regulate , for example, the autonomous car without a driver, in In the event that a child crosses chasing a ball, the system will have to decide, not being able to stop in time, if ethically it is better to maintain direction with the possibility of running over the child or it is better to swerve and run over a person older who is on the sidewalk.

For Francisco Fonseca , former director of the European Commission Office in Spain, the problem goes even further, since what you have to do is anticipate the possibility that in the system it is possible to calculate which of the two options you have a lower economic cost for compensation purposes.

Pilar del Castillo , EPP Group MEP, explained that European institutions, aware of the great importance of Artificial Intelligence, have been working on these issues for years. In 2020, the European Commission prepared a report on security and civil liability in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things and robotics. With this, it was concluded that it is necessary to adapt the legislation to cover these new technological developments.

The best example to legislate this area is the data protection regulations
Just three months ago the Commission published a legislative proposal, which the European Parliament is currently debating within it.

This legislative proposal classifies the risks posed into four different levels: unacceptable risk, high risk, limited risk and low risk. High-risk systems will be subject to a series of important obligations before they can be marketed, including risk assessment mechanisms, which will involve recording the activity, traceability of results, and supervision measures carried out by professionals. specialized.

The rapporteurs agreed that the best example of how Brussels should act is data protection legislation, in which even the Court of Justice was weaving a case law that has helped make it the best system in the world.

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