Mixed families coexist on the beach which does not concern them as much as kicking out those who do not wear a bathing suit What we ask is that we not be disturbed and that a sign be put up recommending nudist use he says

The search for more secluded beaches by the textiles the name they use to designate people who do wear swimsuits makes users feel that the nudist tradition of more than 400 beaches in Spain is not respected

It is not that there is a coexistence problem but it can make you feel uncomfortable clarifies Segimon Rovira president of the Club Català de Naturisme who explains that at first they were looking for secluded coves to avoid the Civil Guard Many of them are virgins or are not so overcrowded he explains And that attracts

Also to onlookers M Mentxaka usually practices nudism on the beaches of Getxo Sopela Berango or Barrika Euskadi Sometimes with her crew mixed sometimes with friends or alone Only they have had problems

It is usually men over 45 who look at us or record us Now I come to the arena and I look at who is there to observe And it gives me a tremendous rage It is an impotence of milk to have that discomfort in the body complaint

She recounts a time when sunbathing with a friend she realized that a man was recording them Another user acknowledged that the person had a somewhat strange attitude but did not say anything

There is a lack of collective involvement he assures The man ran off There have been complaints in the area because our bodies appear on porn sites without consent and they have not managed to reach those responsible

Not wearing a swimsuit means breaking with impositions that criminalize sexualize or commercialize the body according to the president of the Spanish Federation of Naturism

For Ismael Rodrigo president of the Spanish Federation of Naturism FEN many problems come from a cut in freedoms Emphasizes the excessive use by some municipalities of article 139 and 140 of the Law Regulating the Bases of the Local Regime

They served for example so that in San Pedro de Pinatar Murcia full nudity was prohibited The ombudsman argued that an ordinance could not regulate the clothing of individuals but it was of little use

The European Court of Human Rights does consider public nudity as a right to freedom of expression the regulation of which is reserved to the law

Although in 2016 the Supreme Court endorsed an ordinance that prohibited nudism on the urban beaches of Cádiz Beyond the ordinances Rodrigo defends the practice For him not wearing a swimsuit means breaking with a series of impositions that criminalize sexualize or commercialize the body

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