Carlota Boza is almost 20 years old. However, the young woman has been known to the general public since she was very young, when she began her career in La que se avecina , a Telecinco series in which she plays Carlota Rivas, daughter of Amador and Maite, the ‘cuquis’ of the hit comedy from Mediaset.

The actress also accumulates hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks, with whom she often shares some confidences about her private life. These days, Boza has surprised everyone by making an intimate confession that until now no one knew.

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Everything was triggered after Carlota informed her fans of the sad loss of Gilda, her dog. As he explained, the death of his pet has affected him greatly, since the animal came into his life at a very difficult time. Gilda was a gift from her mother to cheer her up and not be so sad after her father left them.

The hard blow that Carlota Boza has suffered with the death of her dog Gilda
“My father abandoned me when I was 9 years old. My mother, trying not to be too sad, gave me a dog. Since then she has accompanied me in everything,” wrote the interpreter, who wanted to pay tribute to the dog by revealing the hard episode of his childhood. According to Carlota, Gilda quickly became a support for her and was “through thick and thin.”

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The actress has published several images with her deceased dog and her companions from La que se avecina have taken the opportunity to send her messages of encouragement. From Víctor Palmero, Antonio Tejero, Alberto Caballero or his mother in fiction, the actress Eva Isanta, have shared words of encouragement to their partner.

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