Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas have a cordial relationship, especially for their children, since they announced their divorce months ago. However, they have also experienced some moment of tension due to the journalist’s relationship with Kiki Morente . At least that is what they say from the Viva la vida program .

The paparazzi Jordi Martín has told of the supposed row that the Real Madrid exporter and the presenter would have starred in last July, when they coincided at the wedding of some friends in Valladolid . Although it seemed like a cordial meeting, the two argued over Sara’s relationship with Kiki.

Apparently, Iker learned that Estrella Morente’s brother had stayed to sleep one day in the family home of La Finca, where she lives with her children, and expressed his outrage at his ex-wife. “It felt like a kick to him,” the paparazzi said. Iker did not feel at all good that Kiki entered what was his house a few months ago and so he let Carbonero know.

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This news comes a few days after it was known that Kiki will be one of Sara’s interviewees on the program Que Siga el baile, the space that triumphs on Radio Marca.

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