VHS tapes are of poor quality as compared to digital files or DVDs. There might be some VHS, tapes or cassettes that hold the old times but you are unable to play them again.

Preserving VHS is a good option only if you have a VHS player which is not available to most people now so digitalizing is safe and secure. Buying a new or second-hand VHS player may or may not guarantee you quality performance. In case you like to keep old movies or TV shows stored on VHS tapes here is how to transfer them on DVD or convert them to a digital video format that you just can play on your computer, tablet, or phone.

You can convert the VHS tapes to Digital at your home with some equipment and technical knowledge and clean your old stuff. But everyone can’t afford the needed technical knowledge and time to digitize their VHS tapes. So for them, various companies provide commercial services where you can get the digitization done at a reasonable price and hassle-free.

EachMoment.co.uk is such an option that comes with everything you need to make this process as easy as possible, so you don’t have to worry about buying any other equipment. The website is very easy to use and will attempt to enhance the quality of the audio and video. It gets you to choose a Memory Box that will be delivered to you the next day. You just have to invest a little of your time to arrange a tracked collection of your memory box using their online portal and fill it up with the VHS tapes. Your media will be delivered to them and they will be handling the further process of cleaning your tapes and digitizing them. You need not buy any extra equipment for the conversion and in case you face any problems with the process or on their website, then you can reach out to their support team who will explain and help with your questions or confusion. Your media files are safe with them as they return the tapes and any copy of the files.

After all the processes are securely completed, you will get your digitized files and you can download them to watch them on your phone, laptop, PC, or tablet. Keeping old files is a good habit, especially those which contain memories. It reminds people of those golden days which they cannot experience again but only relive. Digitalizing old files like VHS tapes is a way of accepting technology into our lives and understanding that as we evolve with advancement around us.  People must understand the changing trends and digitalizing is one such trend that people are adapting to globally.


EachMoment is an expert service provider with expertise and knowledge. They convert VHS tapes into digital files without degrading the quality or destroying any part of the old files. If you also want to convert your old files into digital ones, then EachMoment is your stop.

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