The president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, said this Sunday that he is “willing, if necessary, to return to jail” for defending his “commitment” to the independence of Catalonia. Junqueras has participated, together with ERC’s spokesperson, Marta Vilalta, in Cornellà, in the presentation of the book “In self-defense”, by ERC’s exporter at the Joan Tardà Congress .

His intervention came after being booed at dawn from Friday to Saturday at the Fossar de les Moreres in Barcelona by pro-independence sectors in favor of the unilateral way, who branded him a “botifler”.

Without explicitly referring at any time to these boos or to the dialogue table that will meet this week, Junqueras has vindicated his “inalienable commitment” to Catalonia, for which some assumed in 2017 “to go to jail.” “For this commitment we are willing to continue assuming all the necessary sacrifices,” said Junqueras, before adding: “This commitment is so solid that for it we are willing, if necessary, to return to jail.”

Sowing hate
According to Junqueras, there are people who “instead of building collectively prefer to sow hatred, there are people who do not want to let us speak, diverse people who do not like us to speak.” “Some are judges and are dressed in black, others are apprentice judges and want to judge us all and want to decide what we can say and what we cannot say,” he said. He has addressed a message to them: “They will not silence us, neither their prisons, nor their bars, nor insults, nor threats, nor anything.”

For his part, Vilalta has identified ERC as the independence movement of those who “do not whistle at fellow travelers , much less” those who have passed through prison, a direct allusion of reparation to Junqueras for the boos in the Diada.

Vilalta has defined ERC’s independence movement as “inclusive”, with the will to “add” and to be “useful”, not to “stay in power”

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