Effectgroup.io allows anyone to access extensive background information with a name, email address or phone number

LONDON, December 12, 2021 — Effect Group Ltd. announced the launch of its new website, www.effectgroup.io, which is an open-source research platform for finding information about people or entities. “We wanted to combine the innovative benefits of open source with a searchable intelligence database,” said a company spokesperson. “In today’s world, there are fewer face-to-face interactions, and that presents challenges for companies or individuals in knowing who to trust.” Searches on the website are available to businesses or individuals that need to access an in-depth intelligence database.

People Searches

The Effect Group people search platform allows users to purchase “snaps,” which are search credits. It is possible to search for a name, email address, or phone number. Search history is also stored, meaning that users can re-read information about a person without using snaps each time for the same target individual. When a user selects a name from a list of possibilities and agrees to search that selection, the person uses a snap. A user’s snap balance can expire, and the user must spend the snaps within the allotted time.

People searches may reveal several forms of data. In addition to basic or public information, there may be qualitative information about a person’s hobbies, habits, social media accounts or leaked details. Basic information may include gender, birthdate, current address, past address, and similar details. Work history may also be available. The dashboard includes tools for using, reviewing and exporting search information to a downloadable PDF.

Business Searches

Because of society shifting toward more virtual interactions for nearly everything, including hiring people for jobs and choosing business entities to partner with, the Effect Group wanted to create a more useful database of information about organizations and people. It designed the research outcomes to show a snapshot with a more holistic view of a person or entity than simply location, phone number or negative criminal history. “By giving people the ability to review a more comprehensive view of a target, we empower them to make more informed decisions,” said the company spokesperson. “We want to give people who need detailed information access to data that is normally only available to the wealthy for a more reasonable cost. Knowledge is power, and people need that power to build trust in a world that is becoming more virtual every day in terms of human interactions.”

About the Effect Group

The Effect Group is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. It includes a group of cybersecurity researchers, specialists, and programmers who collaborated to form the website. The team’s goal is to reduce the time and work needed to find accurate, valuable, and comprehensive information about targets or individuals. It seeks to provide a trustworthy and efficient resource for organizations to assist them in strategic planning practices, including processes that require trust from potential hires, contractors, or others. The team also works to cut down data collection times while taking advantage of the large volume of data available on the internet in multiple places. Its processes reduce risks, simplify collection and sorting and transform complex data into usable information based on a broad range of backgrounds. For more information, please see www.effectgroup.io.

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