Simone Mendes 37 years old showed on social networks that she went through another lymphatic drainage session this Wednesday morning 8 and celebrated the result of the process which serves to eliminate excess fluid and toxins from the body reducing the swelling.

Im already finishing my drainage Oh good thing Fairy hands smoothing me down here deflating me I dont want another life she said filming the professional in charge of the massage.

Last week the singer published a video on her YouTube channel in which she tells details of the weight loss process that made her lose 25 kg and commented on the difficulties she faced until reaching this goal

Actually I tried a lot of things to lose weight I took medicine I went on a soup diet a healthy diet I did everything I could everything you can think of about diet and weight loss.

I looked for everything In fact I did everything a surgery called endoscopic gastro plasty At the time I lost a few pounds but unfortunately as its not something forever I started eating again and gaining weight he began.

The pandemic came to change the world and the way we act, as with it came a stimulating factor for us to become more flexible in our day-to-day activities, especially in the relationship between the company and the customer Unfortunately, the impact of this new outlook in the future is still uncertain.

However, with these behaviors, a new form of content creation can emerge: brands that seek to value the daily lives of consumers, employees and customers.

According to a survey published by Fundação Dom Cabral in conjunction with the Talenses Group, only about 5% of the 675 employees interviewed would like to return to face-to-face work as it was before the pandemic.

This, of course, is the result of the enormous read aptation of people in this pandemic scenario, as 70% of them said they were more productive in relation to work.

Then Simarias pair stated that despite the encouragement she received to accept her own body she didn’t feel good about herself I always loved to eat But I couldnt see myself the way I saw myself in the mirror at the time two he explained.

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