Writing is not something alien within the vital and creative trajectory of 2nd Rekalde Luzarraga But although it may surprise considering its extensive and prolific cultural path now it faces another debut His first published book is already a reality Ancla.

The Only Door to the Left is taking the first steps among readers I only intend to make my trip and hopefully it is a shared one so that whoever reads these pages can feel reflected in some issues in things that are very simple and universal says the actress and narrator.

It will be next Saturday the 13th when a book that is full of saltpeter will be presented in the capital of Alava Specifically the meeting open to the public will take place at 1230 pm at the Zapateneo.

It will be the moment to enter some pages in which stories and poetry are taking over to build a whole in which the common thread is me the landscape that has surrounded me until today also human This is how Rekalde presents a work that stems from the insistence of the editor Juanje Sanz and the recital Entre tanta that the writer performed with Isabel Martín on the program Cita con la Poesía By preparing this proposal that journey from childhood to today that the author carries out ended up taking shape.

Not only does he speak of the woman both of her and of the others who have been present in his walk but they have their weight in a creation that does not stop resembling a literary nude beyond the fact that in reality in everything project that I face I undress It is true that in this case I have also been amazed just because here I have shed that more sarcastic tone that what I do usually has The same is the pandemic he says with a smile The truth is that far from bombastic metaphors Ancla is an invitation to go to the everyday to remember feel think evoke

The latter appear as if they were echoes of the former they are like an internal voice that trace that remains present the residue that remains Recovering texts that were already written with others that have been generated now more or less a certain chronological order is followed to begin that journey that the author talks about remembering the grandparents and observing the family home the landscape of the networks of his native.

Bermeo to the glances through the window of his room to the women known and met to little by little get to where I am That in a first part Intimate landscapes that gives way to Seven exercises to forget pain those old pains that we have that when we remember many things appear The icing comes in the form of QR codes four virtual doors behind which is Rekaldes own voice

Everything is part of creation but at the same time each adventure has its own language For this reason the actress and narrator is aware that in the writing and production of this book the variables have been different from the usual ones.

I dont feel comfortable at all But I do feel more secure in what I control in what Ive been doing for a long time You propose is well done And yes I have been a lifelong reader but I have many doubts about the parameters of the language in the case of writing this book There is always vertigo but in this case more .

Even so although she assures that no one is waiting for me to contribute anything to the literary world the author is clear that she wants to continue publishing Im going to write more I have things already done and I want to continue among other things because.

I would also like the next thing to come out in Basque Moreover there is a word that he especially likes and that he wants to have a role in the following marengo which means everyone or that which is related to the sea Everything will come For now it is Anchor who is in the hands of the public.

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