The leading group of automotive dealerships Quadis has now also become the largest distributor of bicycles and their components in Spain, after announcing the purchase of the Barcelona stores Probike and Bicisport, which join the Girona firm Escapa acquired in December 2020 , as reported by the company, which does not detail the amount of the operation.

For Francis López, shareholder and director of Escapa, “the two operations, already closed, represent a strong boost for Escapa. Mainly because we not only expanded and landed in Barcelona, ​​but also doubled our facilities, our billing and sales forecast number of bicycles “.

Now, Escapa will have a greater penetration in the territory by having four physical points of sale, which will add more than 3,800 square meters of commercial area and will be located in Barcelona, ​​Girona and Sabadell.

With this, the forecast is to reach a turnover of 34 million euros and sell about 15,000 bicycles. It will also become the operator with the largest stock in the country and, in addition, it will expand its catalog of brands, being the store with the largest offer of bicycle brands in Spain.

With regard to templates, the incorporation of the Probike and Bicisport team will bring Escapa up to 130 workers.

Likewise, with regard to online sales, which so far accounts for 30% of Escapa’s total sales, it will also continue to boost. In fact, with the purchase of Probike, Escapa will also acquire the cycling e-commerce Retto.

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