The sector of domestic workers has some peculiarities that Social Security has been in charge of recognizing in recent years. For this reason, all its procedures may be less known, which requires periodic reminders of the body in front of the citizens.

Thus, the Social Security has insisted on its profile of attention to the citizen of the social network Twitter of what a person needs to be able to register an employee or domestic worker , from the deadlines, platforms in which to do it or documentation that you have to contribute.

The agency has referred to its online procedures platform , Import @ ss, in which not only can an employee be registered, but also useful information can be accessed for all procedures in the sector within the specialized area that Social Security dedicates to both employers and workers in this category.

To begin with, the household employer (or the employee himself if the contract has less than 60 hours per month) must provide certain information to be able to register his worker with Social Security: personal data of both parties, type of working day and the salary, a bank account number in which to domicile the fees, the work permit for foreigners and the documents that prove the status of a large family.

All these documents must be presented during the 60 days prior to the start of the activity, as explained by the Social Security in Import @ ss . In case of not doing so, it can be done during the first 30 days of the activity, but in the eyes of Social Security this registration will have already taken place after the deadline and the fees will have to be paid from the date of start of the activity and not after.

Obviously, Import @ ss can be used to register an employee of the household with Social Security. Through the ‘ Registration for household employment ‘ service, the procedure is accessed with a digital certificate (you can get it in four simple steps ), username + password, Cl @ ve PIN and via SMS, although in the latter case the phone must be registered in the Social Security database .

It is not the only service available to employers and domestic workers. In Import @ ss all the documentation and regulations that affect the sector are attached, as well as a tool for calculating the fees that both the employer and the employee must pay or a summary of the existing bonuses for certain groups.

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