The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training will allocate 1.75 million euros for Penitentiary Institutions to promote resocialization through professional training for the employment of more than 1,200 prisoners .

The agreement was signed this Tuesday by the general secretary of Penitentiary Institutions and president of the State Entity of Penitentiary Work and Training for Employment, Ángel Luis Ortiz, and the general secretary of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Education and FP, Clara Sanz.

Ángel Luis Ortiz thanked the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training for their “close collaboration” to make this initiative possible, which “unquestionably contributes to the reintegration of convicts and convicts , since it improves their curriculum and, consequently, to strengthen their position in the active search for employment and reincorporation to the labor market “.

“With this commitment we want, through Vocational Training, to put new opportunities at the service of inmates and inmates that will facilitate future access to employment”, Clara Sanz highlighted.

It is an annual plan for prisoners interested in training specialties, a large part related to the productive activity that takes place in each center. In this way, the person deprived of liberty not only acquires technical skills in training courses, but can also put them into practice in production workshops in prisons, as reported by Penitentiary Institutions.

The Secretary General for Vocational Training has highlighted that special emphasis will be placed on key elements such as communication, responsibility, emotion management, self-confidence and skills for teamwork, “essential for the labor and social insertion of this group “.

Likewise, he explained that there will be a follow-up and evaluation of the results to guarantee the quality and the improvement in the programming of the training actions.

During the event, both secretaries were accompanied by the managing director of the State Entity for Prison Labor and Training for Employment, José Suárez Tascón, and the deputy director general of Planning and Management of Professional Training of the MEFP, David Broceño.

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