The manufactured home sector experienced strong growth since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, this different way of building houses gained ground since then. However, there was already a region of the country with a long reliance on prefabricated buildings.

Barcelona is the city with the highest number of requests to build prefabricated houses in Spain, according to data from the digital platform for home improvement habitissimo . Specifically, it adds up to 13% of the total. While it is followed at a distance by towns such as Madrid, with 7% and Valencia, which registers 6%.

Regarding other Catalan towns where there has been a greater demand, RubĂ­ and Terrassa stand out. And it is that, as they explain from habitissimo, “the growing concern for sustainability, the greater use of alternative energies and the changes in the way of life that the coronavirus pandemic has brought us, have led to the emergence of other alternatives to traditional housing, a fact that has led to the rise of prefabricated houses, a solution that is increasingly in demand due to its speed, simplicity and respect for the environment “.

This increase in requests, they explain from Servimendia , to build this type of housing has been produced by multiple factors since, in addition to the speed and simplicity of the work, the cost is significantly lower than that presented by other alternatives such as the purchase of traditional housing . “In any case, we move at prices around 30% and 40% cheaper than those of construction houses,” say the experts at habitissimo.

In this sense, the price is one of the greatest advantages of betting on this type of housing, but, in addition, the speed and simplicity of the construction process are other important incentives to opt for this option. “Its construction is based on a modular system that allows the entire process to be accelerated. In addition, you don’t have to wait for the traditional handover of keys as before because, with this type of house, you can adapt your home according to personal needs” , they explain.

A more sustainable construction
Likewise, within prefabricated houses, those built with ecological materials have many advantages, because in addition to being made with natural and recyclable materials such as wood, which is a great insulator; They have air recirculation systems and a bioclimatic design that improves energy efficiency and reduces consumption. In addition, the use of renewable energies makes them self-sufficient in their energy supply and their shorter construction time generates less waste, making them more sustainable and respectful with the environment.

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