The Government of China has urged the population on Tuesday to stockpile food and all those products that they may need in case of an emergency in the face of winter in the face of a possible shortage caused by meteorological phenomena and coronavirus outbreaks.

In a statement, the Ministry of Commerce has asked not to “overreact” to such information, although it has urged the population to be cautious so as not to be “caught off guard in the event of a confinement in the area in which you reside “.

The directive from the Ministry came after rising vegetable prices raised concerns among the population about possible cuts in supplies.

Vegetable prices have exploded in China in recent weeks, creating an unthinkable situation a few months ago: some vegetables are already more expensive than meat . Restaurants and stores would be stockpiling large quantities of goods, using freezers and refrigerators. This phenomenon is a new headache for consumers who are already affected by energy shortages and strict measures to contain the virus.

Wholesale vegetable prices have soared 28% in the past four weeks, and are now at the highest level since February, the latest data from the Commerce Ministry shows. Heavy rains in the main producing regions this year have damaged crops, while rising coal prices have also made greenhouse farming more expensive.

The Government usually issues similar directives every year
The People’s Daily newspaper , for its part, has spread a reassuring message and has assured that the Government usually issues similar directives every year, although this year “it has come ahead” given the prevalence of natural disasters and the advance of the virus.

The government has also urged local authorities to “do a good job” in ensuring that the supply chain and prices are maintained. The coronavirus pandemic has caused an increase in food concern on the part of the Government, which has drawn up a series of laws on food safety.

“The directive invites local authorities to support the circulation of products to establish cooperative relationships with producers of vegetables, rice and oil, among others,” the document indicates. “Those products that can endure must be supplied with time and stored,” the Government has insisted.

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