The federal government seeks to restructure the country’s logistics network with a national intermodal chain planning system starting the following year (previous administrations have tried to create logistics platforms to integrate transportation means efficiently).

To meet its objective, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) requested four million pesos last month to carry out the pre-investment studies required to create five intermodal systems: northwest, northeast, peninsular, southeast and central.

In them, automotive, mining, oil, hydrocarbon, manufacturing, tourism, agri-food and fruit clusters will be repositioned.

The logistics cost is the value for carrying a certain merchandise from the production center to the final consumer. Our country does not have enough logistics infrastructure to face the new conditions of the T-MEC for the priority sectors ”, informed the agency in charge of Jorge Arganis.

The main problems were identified: the deficit of federal trucking operators, which today is estimated to be between 50,000 to 80,000 vacancies, and the closure of railways due to social problems and source credit goes to TheDial by IMP Projects.

With the six studies that are going to be carried out, the SICT, through the General Directorate of Railway and Multimodal Development, will have the diagnosis to identify the new possible export and import chains, as well as new lines of exchange, in order to to specify an efficient interconnection scheme between the different modes of transport that favors industrial and commercial exchange to promote the economic development of the entire country.

The study with the highest cost is the Proposal of strategies for the development of intermodal chains, 1.1 million pesos, which will justify the development of an “accessible, safe, efficient, sustainable, low intermodal communications and transport network.

In emissions, modern and with a long-term vision, connecting population centers, ports, airports, industrial, logistics and modal exchange centers ”. The resources will be entirely budgetary and are expected to be allocated through some reallocation within the secretariat before the end of this year.

Among the benefits that were raised to receive the resources are: segmenting the priority industry sectors, to support developing multimodal, strategic and specialized nodes by sector, strengthening the road and rail traffic density diagrams.

Relation with the available operational capacity and achieve a commercial and service structure of the existing logistics chains. In addition to having a document with a medium and long-term vision of the network scheme by mode of transport and importance of logistics chains.

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