If Monday issued Telecinco Secret Story: Late on Tuesday comes the turn of Secret Story: countdown , a gala presented by Carlos Sobera will begin at 20:00 . In last Thursday’s delivery, Emmy Russ, Antonio Canales, Cynthia Martínez, Cristina Porta, Luca Onestini and Adara Molinero were nominated.

Lara Álvarez nails the iconic dance of ‘Dirty Dancing’ on the set of ‘Secret Story’
However, this figure was reduced this Sunday with the salvation of Martínez and Molinero . The same will happen with two new names in Tuesday’s delivery, leaving the nomination of Thursday’s gala, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez , between just two people.

In addition, the program will reveal a secret about Antonio Canales , although it will not be the official secret information with which the bullfighter competes, but another extra secret. On this, the reality has only advanced that it is something related to the Rivera-Pantoja family.

But this will not be the only role of the collaborator of Save me during the night: he will present his Secret Life Line and will receive a visit from his mother in Guadalix de la Sierra. Contestants will also face a test in which Lara Álvarez has already graduated with honors, the Dirty Dancing challenge .

Thus, the participants will have to try to emulate in pairs the mythical dance of the film. The winners, who will be chosen by the audience through the application of the program, will enter the Chamber of Secrets and will have the right to open a track . In addition, the Olympic Games, the new weekly test, will be presented.

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