One of the measures announced by the Valencian coalition government made up of Socialists, Compromís and Podemos, to force large homeowners to put them on the rental market, has materialized in the form of a decree. The new regulation will sanction the owners of more than ten homes when they are not used.

The Plenary of the Consell has authorized this decree, which ensures that it seeks to mobilize empty homes and develops the provisions contained in Law 2/2017, of February 3, by the Social Housing Function, which already included the intervention of public administrations on uninhabited homes and the promotion of the rental of vacant properties.

The measures included in the decree are aimed at mobilizing empty homes, focusing mainly on those that are in the hands of large holders and establishing promotion measures for their rent.

The decree will regulate the administrative procedure for the declaration of uninhabited housing and now the Valencian Administration will launch the creation of the Registry of Uninhabited Houses, in which entities with more than 10 empty houses and real estate activity will have the obligation to include them in the herself.

The text also regulates the administrative procedure for inspection and the imposition of sanctions for non-compliance with the social function of housing.

For this, as explained by the Valencian vice president Mónica Oltra, the Generalitat may sanction these large householders with the amount of the monthly rent of a public housing of the same square meters if those properties have no use for 6 months.

New instruments
It also foresees the creation of the Rents Network as a network of intermediation and promotion of rent and the regulation of a solidarity rental program as an initiative for the rehabilitation of non-inhabited dwellings that will be transferred to the Generalitat, in order to mobilize them to comply with the social function of housing.

On the other hand, the Bolsa Habita will be created, which will make available homes to meet the residential needs of people or coexistence units in a residential emergency situation.

According to Oltra, part of the measures will not take effect until March 1 of next year. In addition, for this you will have to start up a new computer application.

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