A job interview is a tense moment, where the interviewee usually makes small mistakes due to their level of nervousness. This circumstantial stress leads people to act impulsively and not very rationally . Dj Cabeen, an important recruiter for Amazon, explains that there is a very common mistake that throws all the points obtained during the selection process to the ground.

“My biggest annoyance is when candidates use bad words or inappropriate language during an interview,” he explains. “It’s a major detour, it neither works nor does it feel professional at all .” It may seem that by moving the language to a non-work environment, one gains closeness with the interviewer, but the reality is that it denotes a lack of knowing how to be and makes the other person uncomfortable.

As Cabeen explains to CNBC , this mistake not only occurs among younger and novice interviewees, senior candidates also make it . “I have been recruiting for more than 10 years and I cannot say how many interviews I have had with candidates who use profanity,” he says.

Not being informed in advance is a big mistake
Another common mistake explained by the Amazon recruiter is a lack of preparation prior to the interview. Candidates present themselves without having been informed of the main bases of the position to which they aspire. These people also do not know any information about the team of employees they intend to work with.

“Doing your homework and preparing well for these interviews is something that, unfortunately, I don’t see many people doing,” Cabeen tells the American media. “But researching the company, the team and the interviewer is a really important step , as well as an easy way to stand out in the application process.”

Another way to stand out from the candidates
Job interviews can be turned towards hiring or towards “we’ll call you” for a simple detail. There are many ways to bring a relationship process to a successful conclusion, but, in particular, Cabeen describes a way to easily stand out among candidates.

Build a bond with the interviewer. Something that may seem strange at first, actually makes it easier for the recruiter to remember when he has to review the interviews of the others selected.

It is about finding a common ground with the interviewer, for example, a hobby or a common place . “It’s those little connection points that make the conversation feel more comfortable, and they also show me that people really took the time to prepare for this interview, which always impresses me a lot,” he says.

In addition, it is a good way to reduce the tension of these types of moments, reduces the stress of the situation and allows a closer and more pleasant conversation. “It calms me more because the interviewers also get nervous with these conversations, even though we do them every day.”

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