Your skin is the largest organ of the body. It acts as a beautiful barrier between you and the harshness of this world, and yet many of us treat it like a second-hand jacket when we suit up for the demands of the day. Harsh chemicals, abrasive detergents, and cosmetics laden with chemicals adorn our beautiful skin, and few of us give a thought to the potential consequences of slathering on these toxic layers day after day. What are we doing to ourselves?

Toxic topical, toxic environment

Over sixty percent of what we apply on and around our skin gets absorbed into the body. Elements such as aluminium, DEA, mineral oil, and parabens all soak in and circulate around the bloodstream, getting lodged into tissues and wreaking havoc on your system. Many of these “old school” chemicals have now been linked to health problems such as allergies, eczema, hormone imbalance, and even cancer. It may be necessary to swap out some of those standard products for more natural fare. Here are some reasons to consider the switch to natural skincare:

1. Natural skin care avoids harsh chemical additives

Natural, organic skincare products contain no additives or harsh chemicals that clog pores and disrupt the body’s chemical balance. Products such as Fierce Nature’s tallow-based line of skincare products include locally sourced ingredients straight from mother earth. These products are considered ancestral in that they have been used by humans for centuries to nourish and cleanse the skin. With no harmful chemical additives seeping into the skin, you can be assured that you are creating better health from the outside in.

2. Natural skincare products soothe allergies

Users of traditional skincare have common complaints of redness, irritation, and skin rashes that have no clear origin. We can tell you where that irritation comes from! The use of natural skincare products ensures that you are getting the best of what Mother Nature provides, without harsh ingredients that can damage the skin inside and out.

3. Natural skincare promotes antioxidant stimulation

With plant-based ingredients and a high-quality blend of locally-sourced tallow, Fierce Nature products contain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants that cleanse and nourish not only the skin, but your entire body.

4. Natural skin care products heal and promote the growth of healthy skin

Natural skincare products containing tallow form a protective barrier on the skin, protecting you from elements like sun, wind, and UV damage. Healthy skin functions as it should, exfoliating old cell growth and promoting the growth of collagen, which keeps you looking young and fresh season after season.

Why Fierce Nature?

Catherine Farrant, Founder says “Fierce Nature is all about ancestral skincare. Starting with premium organic, locally-sourced tallow, we craft all of our skincare products with loving care, helping you to achieve your healthiest and most vibrant look.”

Fierce Nature enthusiasts preach the powerful connection between inner and outer health, and we seek to reinforce this connection by removing harmful and toxic substances from the skin diet that can compromise the health of our microbiome, our gut.

Take a look at what we have to offer; we’re confident that you’ll make the switch to our superior products:

Body Balms

Body balms are the basis of our skincare line. Formulated from pure organic tallow, they are perfect for use on the skin, face, and even the lips. The whipped texture creates a velvety feel when massaged into the skin, and delectable essential oils provide a treat for the olfactory senses as well. Choose from unscented or sweet orange for a sweet, smooth treat.

Contour Sticks

Why slather on all that artificial colour when you can let the primordial beauty of your skin shine through? Fierce Nature contour sticks help define facial features and provide superior moisture to the cheeks, lips, and eyes. A simple swipe across the desired area and your best assets are highlighted for all to see. Matte and shimmer options form a myriad of options to express your most beautiful self.

Tallow Soaps

Rich tallow soaps lather like no other. Working equally well in warm or cold water, they provide superior cleansing and moisturising for hands, hair, face, and body. Tallow soaps are 100 percent biodegradable, eco-friendly, and safe for all septic and sewer systems. They rinse clean with no sticky residue, and they are non-comedogenic, so they are great for those with existing skin conditions.

Now that you know the truth about your current skincare and makeup products, how can you in good conscience continue to use them? With products like the ones Fierce Nature provides us, making the switch should not only be easy, but enjoyable. Shop today.

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