Jordi Cruz visited the Zapeando set on Tuesday to tell how he lived his successful stage in Art Attack , the historic program about children’s crafts.

“Seven seasons were recorded, but it was broadcast for almost 16 years without interruption ,” said the communicator, currently on the radio.

In addition, the presenter spoke about how the success of the show brought him to fame as a teenager and what it meant for his future on television.

“I was about to make a fall who falls and they did not catch me because that weekend they began to broadcast Art Attack on Antena 3. They called me from Telecinco and they told me they were sorry, that I could not enter, ” he recalled, revealing that no It happened because he had hardly changed physically over the years and, above all, those reruns in the rival chain began . “Life is like that,” he lamented.

The presenter also remembered the day they were whistled to collect an award for broadcasting Shin Chan : “We were there to entertain, not to educate,” he defended.

“There is a responsibility when it comes to making children’s programs, there are times that parents have come to me trying to kill me because the children did not get the crafts,” said, however, Cruz.

In addition, he also tells how the program was very successful in Latin America, but they had to change some expressions: “That seemed more like an orgy than a handicraft program . ” And there, she became a celebrity : “I didn’t know it until I started receiving letters from Mexico and Colombia and when a friend told me: ‘I’ve seen your photos in some yogurts here in Argentina.’

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