Free Ukraine is a citizen-led movement aimed at resisting the aggressor and the occupying authority, undermining public order and military capacity in the occupied territories, counteracting the advance of the invaders by guerrilla and other methods.


Free Ukraine operates on the basis of the laws of Ukraine.


From the first day of the aggression, Free Ukraine began deploying forces and means and, at the same time, engaged in active hostilities.


Free Ukraine – The Resistance Movement, (the successor to the Capitulation Resistance Movement) is a public association that acts in cooperation with the authorities and law enforcement forces and implements the tasks of the Ukrainian resistance.


Our tasks:

  • involve active citizens in the Resistance Movement;
  • disseminate information about the practices, methods and goals of the Resistance Movement;
  • act actively within the Resistance Movement.


Free Ukraine existed as a Resistance Movement from the first minutes of the war at the front. Our activists operate in almost all regions of Ukraine. The Movement pays special attention to counteracting the invader in the Kyiv region and the eastern borders of Ukraine from the Sumy region to the Azov region.


Our people also work as part of Territorial Defence Battalions and regular units, as well as in the form of Volunteer Battalions. An underground organisation is being formed and is operating in the occupied territories.


Within the active participation of the Resistance Movement – Free Ukraine, a network of Voluntary battalions of territorial communities is being created.

At the moment, the main activity directions of the participants of the Resistance Movement are:

  • subversive and sabotage activities in the occupied lands
  • participation in military actions on hotspots of the frontline
  • intelligence activities in the occupied and frontline territories
  • educational activities – dissemination of instructions and methodological materials of the Resistance Movement.
  • participation in the PSYOP of special bodies of Ukraine
  • volunteer help.
  • conducting joint advocacy campaigns with the Ukrainian diaspora in support of Ukraine.
  • training for the Resistance Movement.


Free Ukraine does not set itself political goals and does not seek the sympathy of the electorate. Politics and intrigue are out of time.


We have one goal: the liberation of Ukraine from Russian invaders and the destruction of the evil empire – the Russian Federation.


Self-organise, create centers of the Resistance Movement and act in the indicated directions, reproducing our actions.


The main coordination (focusing on goals and objectives) will be public. Orders and instructions will be published here:


Decentralisation and autonomy guarantee the security of the members of the Resistance Movement and complicate the enemy’s intelligence activities against us.


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